Advertising is everywhere and there is no escape from it. It’s propaganda used as a front line weapon to make you part with your money. It's in the street, on TV, in magazines, on the Internet. Damn, you can't even enjoy a peaceful cup of tea in your own home without the phone ringing and some robot trying to sell you more crap you don't need. You may think that you are immune to it and it does not affect you, but constant bombardment feeds into our sub consciousness. Advertising and the media have painted a distorted image of the world and the consumer. Advertising affects everything around us it has shaped the world we live in, the way we live our lives and the way we view ourselves. Advertising promotes greed, jealousy, sexism and addiction; it affects self-esteem, makes us feel inadequate with what we have, and makes us want what we cant afford, increasing debt.

Using phenomenology, I aim to make the viewer question their surroundings and the world we live in and their role in society. By placing my work in prime advertising space the passer-by is almost fooled into believing my work is an advert selling more shit they don't need. As my work offers no explanation as to what is being sold, the viewer is made to ask their own questions and draw their own conclusions.