Pleased to be exhibiting 3 fresh pieces of work at London Westbank Gallery tonight at their brand spanking new location opening night.

#EYESAW 'LOVE' side view

#EYESAW 'PEACE' side view


#EYESAW 'ANARCHY' side view
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COP21 Brandalism Project...

Honoured to be asked again to work with the boys over at Brandalism on the COP21 project in December 2015.  More details on the project can be found here & below...

EYESAW'S contribution to COP21

The press release;

'Over 600 artworks critiquing the corporate takeover of the COP21 climatetalks were installed in advertising spaces across Paris this weekend -ahead of the United Nations summit beginning Monday 30 November.
Amidst the French state of emergency banning all public gatheringsfollowing the terrorist attacks on 13 November in Paris, the'Brandalism' project has worked with Parisians to insert unauthorised artworks across the city that aim to highlight the links between advertising, consumerism, fossil fuel dependency and climate change. [1[1]
The artworks were placed in advertising spaces owned by JC Decaux -one of the world's largest outdoor advertising firms and an officialsponsor to the COP21 climate talks.Other prominent corporate sponsors of the climate talks such as AirFrance, GDF Suez (Engie) and Dow Chemicals are parodied in the posters -whilst heads of state such as Francois Hollande, David Cameron, BarackObama, Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abi also feature.  
The artworks were created by over 80 renowned artists from 19 countries across the worldincluding Neta Harari, Jimmy Cauty, Banksy-collaborator Paul Insect,Escif and Kennard Phillips - many of whom featured at Banksy's Dismalandexhibition in England this summer. [2]
Joe Elan from Brandalism said, "By sponsoring the climate talks, majorpolluters such as Air France and GDF-Suez-Engie can promote themselvesas part of the solution - when actually they are part of the problem." 
Elan continued, "We are taking their spaces back because we want tochallenge the role advertising plays in promoting unsustainableconsumerism. Because the advertising industry force feeds our desires for products created from fossil fuels, they are intimatelyconnected to causing climate change. As is the case with the Climatetalks and their corporate sponsored events, outdoor advertising ensuresthat those with the most amount of money are able to ensure that theirvoices get heard above all else." The art works were installed on 'BlackFriday' or 'Vendredi Noir'; the most hectic and competitive shopping dayof the year [3].
Other posters called on people to take to the streets as part of the"Climate Games" - the world's largest disobedient adventure game [4] as well as protesting the "Solutions 21" conference - a large corporate exposition being held at the Grand Palais during the climate talks [5].

Bill Posters from Brandalism said "Following the tragic events on 13th November in Paris, the government has chosen to ban the big civilsociety mobilisations - but big business events can continue. The multinationals responsible for climate change can keep greenwashing their destructive business models, but the communities directly impacted by them are silenced. It's now more important than ever to call outtheir lies and speak truth to power. We call on people to take to thestreets during the COP21 to confront the fossil fuel industry. We cannotleave the climate talks in the hands of politicians and corporatelobbyists who created this mess in the first place."'

Little vid of the project can be found here.
Press from COP21 here.


"THIS GRAFFITI IS REVOLTING" a common concern voiced by local councils and government officials. well guess what...? IT IS.... It's revolting against the System, the system put in place by the power hungry 1% that run the world, the large corporations and advertisers that pollute our visual landscape with their skyscrapers and adverts (corporate graffiti).

Graffiti’ has a long history as a tool of political communication, whether in the form of slogans, stencils or posters.
Due to the nature of its DIY ethic, it is an inexpensive, easy to produce and uncensored source of communication.

In times of recession, social deprivation and civil unrest ‘Graffiti’ is adopted as a visual symbol of resistance, a form of communication that empowers ordinary individuals to present their views demands, needs and ideas.


Back by popular demand, I have re-released a mini version of the Mickey Mouse Banksy canvas:

This limited edition mini canvas measures 30cm x 30cm and is limited to only 20
each is signed and dated and priced at only £75 and is available HERE


Eyesaw Shop window installation. Scarborough town centre.

AIM: To transform an empty neglected shop window in the heart of #scarborough town centre. 

METHOD: digital artwork printed to vinyl, applied to insides of all windows

RESULT: A vibrant outside gallery comprising of artworks and inspirational quotes for local shoppers to enjoy



The restoration of a historic 18th century building in Colchester Essex.
The client wanted the hoarding painted to match the grandeur of the original building and to serve as a talking point of the town.
100ft hand stencilled site hoarding designed around original wood carvings found inside the building.


'Kraken (/ˈkreɪkən/ or /ˈkrɑːkən/) is a legendary sea monster of giant proportions that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.'

...or Colchester?